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MQHA Constitution and By-Laws

MQHA By-Laws

Membership Benefits

  • To participate in the events and activities of the official provincial affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and the Canadian Quarter Horse Association (CQHA).

  • To be be eligible to receive MQHA Year End Awards through competing at AQHA/MQHA-sanctioned breed shows.

  • To participate in the MQHA’s Recreational Riding Program, including logged mileage incentive awards.

  • To receive reduced members’ rates as riders at MQHA clinics co-ordinated by MQHA’s Amateur Committee.

  • The MQHA has an affiliated Youth Association – the MQHYA – dedicated to youth 18 years of age and under.

  • To stay in the loop about upcoming issues affecting individual horse ownership through national affiliation with Equine Canada.

  • To have a voice in issues and affairs of the overall horse industry through provincial affiliation with Manitoba Horse Council.

  • To be eligible to provide input and vote on MQHA business and attend educational sessions at the MQHA’s Annual General Meeting.

  • To be eligible to attend MQHA Board of Directors’ Meetings as a guest member.

  • To be eligible for FREE classified advertising space and/or post Members’ website links on the MQHA’s website. Members may submit their advertising copy or a notice they wish to be included in the Members’ Website Links, by emailing the MQHA webmaster (supply web content, including contact information and/or photos). Classified ads will be displayed for two months unless otherwise notified by the seller.


MQHA Members receive 10% off all items, excludes sale items as well as store wide sale events.


MQHA members receive 15% of all regular priced clothes and tack. 

Why should MQHA members also have an Manitoba Horse Council (MHC) membership?

The Manitoba Quarter Horse Association is a member of its provincial sport organization, the Manitoba Horse Council.  As an agreement with this membership, MQHA agrees to hold valid liability insurance.  At this time our club insurance is purchased through the Manitoba Horse Council and with BFI Lorenzeti.  With this insurance there is an agreement with the insurance provider that all of our members carry individual liability insurance.  The easiest way for our members to ensure this, and for our members to purchase this, is to become a member of the Manitoba Horse Council, as their individual membership carries liability insurance.  As well our out of province exhibitors are encouraged to be members of their provincial sport organization, with US competitors being members of USEF.  Not only is there the insurance benefit to the Manitoba Quarter Horse Association and its members, there are also financial benefits.  The Manitoba Quarter Horse Association also benefits from bingo money when our volunteers work a bingo at one of the two provincially run casinos in Winnipeg. MQHA also benefits from grant opportunities for clinics, coaches, judges, recreational riding, etc.  Our members can also benefit from athlete development grants and many of our members have benefited in the past.  More information can be found on the MHC website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your membership director Eryn Butterfield at (204) 792-6777 or by email at