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Click here for the PDF version of the MQHA Constitution & By-Laws
Click here for the PDF version of the approved Constitutional Amendments - 2008

The MQHA Board of Directors received the following proposed amendments which were presented and voted upon at the 2011 Annual General Meeting held at 1:30 a.m. on February 19, 2011 at the Sokol Hall, Brandon, MB 

Proposed Amendments:

“Move that all MQHA and MQHYA awards be open to all members no matter what geographical location they are at. As long as they are a member in good standing they are eligible for all awards.”


“Move that the option of magazine subscriptions be removed from the MQHA membership applications. Members would still have the opportunity to purchase their subscription at a reduced rate but would be responsible for sending the application and payment in themselves.”

Respectfully submitted;
Eryn Butterfield

Both amendments to the Constitution were approved by majority vote of the membership present during the AGM for addition to the printed version.


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