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AQHA/MQHA Recreational Riding Program:

The MQHA’s Recreational Trail Riding Program is designed to encourage riders of all ages, skill levels and breeds to have fun and to earn rewards by logging hours riding on outdoor trails. Riders must be annual members of the MQHA. The program is open to riders of all breeds of horses. There is no other annual enrollment fee, as the program is ongoing from year-to-year (points accumulated do not end yearly, but go to a maximum of 1,000 hours, then start over). This group also co-ordinates and hosts annual AQHA Trail Rides held in Manitoba.

Riders must keep track of their trail riding or recreational driving hours listing the horse's name, on an MQHA Tally Sheet, which may be printed from the Quick Links box on the right. Double time will be awarded for all MQHA sanctioned trail rides. Recognition, of a value determined by the Recreational Trail Riding Committee, will be awarded for each of the recorded hours levels as follows:

For more information about the program, or to submit MQHA Tally Sheets for awards, please contact: Larry Clifford, Box 22042, Brandon, MB R7A 6Y9
Home telephone: (204) 763-8911 Work telephone: (204) 727-3661 or fax: (204) 571-6081

AQHA/MQHA Trail Rides:

No AQHA/MQHA trail Rides are currently planned for 2014.

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