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Manitoba Quarter Horse Youth Association

Constitution - Effective January, 2005

1.) Name and Boundaries

1.1 The Association shall be called The Manitoba Quarter Horse Youth Association, (herein called The Association)

1.2 The geographical boundaries of The Association shall be the same as the Manitoba Quarter Horse Association and as those recognized by The American Quarter Horse Association.

2.) Objectives:

2.1 The Association shall be an organization affiliated with the Manitoba Quarter Horse Association. The Association shall have the following objectives:

2.1.1 To promote and encourage the development of youth riders.

2.1.2 To promote membership in the Provincial and American Quarter Horse Associations.

2.1.3 Encouraging and assisting interested organizations in the conduct of shows, contests, futurities, clinics and other promotional activities involving the breed and those interested in the breed.

2.1.4 Distributing information to members of the Association concerning related activities through the publication of a newsletter and other means.

2.1.5 To administer a recognition system for all Association members.

3. Members:

3.1 Membership in The Association shall be open to youth who indicate an interest in The Association and/or in American Quarter Horse. Individual members shall be those persons who pay the set annual membership fee due on the first day of March each year.

3.2 A member in good standing is a member who is not in arrears of membership or other fees, dues, or assessments levied by The Association. A suspended member is a member who has been suspended by the Executive of The Association, the Directors of the Manitoba Association or the American Association.

3.3 Memberships can be revoked pending an Association review of a specific incident and democratic vote of the said membership.

3.4 A member suspended or expelled from The Association shall, for a period of 30 days, have the right to appeal such suspension or expulsion to the Executive of The Association and shall meet with the Executive & Members at a time and place set by the Executive within 30 days of reception of appeal.

3.5 In all matters governed by the vote of the members, each member in good standing, entitled to vote, shall have one vote.

3.6 Only members in good standing shall hold office or be entitled to vote at an Annual General meeting or to give notice to amend this Constitution.

3.7 The membership year shall be March 1st, and the fiscal year of The Association shall be January 1st to December 31st. Membership privileges shall start on the day the appropriate membership is accepted by the Association.

4.) Officers and Duties:

4.1 The Officers shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and/or Secretary Treasurer and Reporter.

4.2 The Executive shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Any member in good standing with the Association and who is a member of the American Quarter Horse Youth Association, shall be eligible for election as an Executive Member.

4.3 The Executive shall have the power and authority to make, amend, repeal and enforce such rules and regulations not contrary to law or the By-Laws of The Association, as they may deem expedient concerning the conduct, management and activities of this Association and Membership.

4.4 The Executive shall have the power to fill vacancies created through resignation or other causes.

4.5 Officer and Committee description, duties and comments are as follows:

4.5.1 President:

The President shall hold office for a term of one fiscal year or until a successor is elected. The duties of the President shall be to preside at all meetings of the Association. The President shall see that the By-Laws, rules and regulations of the Association are enforced. The President shall also chair the Executive Committee, which will carry on the general affairs and supervision of The Association in conjunction with the Youth Advisor. The President shall be an ex-officio member along with the Youth Advisor of all special committees.

4.5.2 Vice - President:

The Vice-President shall similarly hold office for a term of one year or until a successor is elected. In the absence of the President the Vice-President will perform all the duties of that office.

4.5.3 Secretary:

The Secretary shall hold office for a term of one fiscal year or until a successor is elected. The duties of the Secretary shall be to attend all meetings of The Association and keep proper minutes of the proceedings of same and to do such other things as may be delegated to them by this Constitution. 

4.5.4  Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall hold office for a term of one fiscal year of until a successor is elected. The Treasurer shall deposit all monies received in a chartered bank to the credit of this Association, and shall pay out by cheque only, counter signed by the President or other authorized officer on the approval of a motion passed by the membership. The Treasurer shall keep a complete record of all other assets owned by the Association along with the location of their whereabouts. The Treasurer shall keep proper books of account, and shall furnish at the completion of the fiscal year, and from time to time, such statements in detail of the affairs of The Association. The Treasurer, after the election, shall arrange for the audit of the books only if directed by the Executive & Members.

4.5.5 Auditor:

The Members at each of the Annual General Meetings (if an audit is requested) shall appoint an Auditor, or Auditors, at a remuneration to be stipulated, or if none be stipulated, to be determined by the Executive. The Auditor(s) duty shall be to examine the books of account of The Association (vouchers for all payments and receipts and verify the assets and liability situation) and certify the usual statements for the year as prepared by the treasurer, for presentation at the next General Meeting. If all is found in order then acknowledgment of this will then suffice.

4.5.6 Committees:

Special Committees shall be formed by the Association at meetings throughout the year as deemed necessary. These committees will be compiled of volunteers on a volunteer basis.

4.5.7 Any Officer (President, Vice - President, Secretary, Treasurer or Reporter) may be removed from his or her office any time at the discretion of the membership.

5.) Meetings:

5.1 The Annual General Meeting of The Association shall be held at such time and place as may be decided upon by the newly appointed Youth Advisor. All attempts are to be made by him/her to rotate this meeting on a yearly basis to best accommodate the majority of active members.

5.2 In addition to the Annual General Meeting, the Youth Advisor may, whenever they see fit, to call an Executive or Committee Meeting of this Association at a time and place agreed to by the parties involved. 

5.3 A notice of a General Meeting will be sent at least two (2) weeks in advance by mail, indicating the time and the place of the meeting. This notice shall be given by a circular letter postage prepaid to each of the members at his or her last known post office address appearing on the books of The Association. In the event of the Association publishing an official Newsletter, a notice published therein shall be deemed to be sufficient. 

5.4  The Executive or Committees meetings shall be sent in the most appropriate way agreed upon by the Executive & Youth Advisor after the annual general meeting.

5.5  For the transaction of the business of The Association at a General Meeting, a quorum shall be ten percent (10%) of the members in good standing.

5.6  A copy of the minutes of all meetings of the members of The Association and Executive Meetings shall be mailed or published following such meeting to each member.

5.7 The accidental omission to given notice to any member or the non-receipt of any member of such notice, shall not invalidate the proceedings of any General Meeting.

6.)Order of Business:

6.1 The Order of business at all General Meetings shall be as follows:

6.1.1 Identification of eligible voting Members and guests.

6.1.2 Reading of Minutes of previous meeting.

6.1.3 Committee Reports.

6.1.4 Correspondence.

6.1.5 Unfinished business.

6.1.6 (Annual Meeting) Election of Officers.

6.1.7 New Business.

6.1.8 Adjournment.

6.2  The above order with the exception of 6.1.1, Identification of voting members and guests, may be changed at the pleasure of the meeting assembled.

7.) Income & Expenses:

7.1  The Income and property of The Association from whatever source derived, shall be applied solely towards the objectives the Association and membership determine for that calendar year.

7.2  The Association shall levy such annual or periodic membership fees and describe in this constitution at rates determined by its members at the Annual General Meeting. Such fees or assessments shall be paid directly to the Treasurer of the Association.

8.) Shows and Contests:

8.1 The Rules and Regulations of the American Quarter Horse Association shall apply to the staging of shows or contests approved by The Association. The various horse show management bodies applying for Association approval will also be required to apply to the American Quarter Horse Association, plus any other regulatory body, desired for approval of shows and contests.

8.2  Various horse show management bodies, requesting Association approval, will notify The Association by letter of the planned dates for shows or contests and the judges they have contracted with. Approval of dates and judges will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis and a letter will be returned to the various management bodies within 7 days of application informing them of the decision. The Executive shall set whatever necessary rules and requirements as they see fit regarding this approval process.

9.) Awards:

9.1 All awards shall be both directly and indirectly affiliated with the points and awards system currently held and maintained by the Manitoba Association.

9.2 Specific Awards determined and eligibility:

9.2.1 All Round

To qualify for All Round Awards, you must be a member in good standing with The Association and Manitoba Association and adhere to the award rules and regulations as set by their Associations.

9.2.2 Individual Class Awards:

To qualify for Individual Class Awards, you must be a member in good standing with The Association and attend at least two (2) one day shows.

9.2.3 Special Awards:

As decided upon and voted for by The Association's Executive and Membership for the current calendar year.

9.2.4 MQHA Recreational Riding Program:

To qualify for this incentive program, you must be a member in good standing with The Association and MQHA and adhere to the rules and regulations as set by their Associations.

10.) AQHYA World Championship Show Guidelines:

10.1  Those members of The Association who qualify by the AQHA Point System and who are a member of good standing of the AQHYA and Manitoba Association shall notify the Manitoba Youth Advisor of their intentions to attend and follow the rules and guidelines as set out by the AQHYA.

10.2  Those members being nominated provincially for the AQHYA Youth World Show must be a member of good standing of The Association and AQHYA.

10.2.1  The nominated member must meet all criteria as set out by AQHYA.

10.2.2  The nominated member must be agreed to by the Manitoba Youth Advisor, the voting members of The Association as well as the Board of Directors of the Manitoba Association.

11.)  Amendments:

11.1  This constitution may be amended at any General Meeting of The Association by the affirmative vote of a majority of the members present. Notice of all proposed amendments shall be forwarded by members to the Youth Advisor by January 1st of the calendar year. Any proposed changes will be mailed along with the notice of the General Meeting.

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